Annulment Vs Divorce

Annulment vs Divorce


Both divorce and annulment are legal separation options, considered by married couples who decide to split. While both terms have one end result, which is separation, there’s a vast difference between both. However, many do not understand the difference between both and the procedures or criteria involved.


Understanding the difference between annulment and divorce helps, with choosing what option to go for. When contemplating annulment vs divorce, the former considers marriage null and void, or as that never existed, while the latter, ensures the sanctity of marriage is taken into consideration and the spouse gets support post the separation.

 Annulment vs Divorce – Annulment

Annulment of marriage can be both civil and religious. If there was a blatant misrepresentation, or fraud during the time of marriage, it’s annulled by the court. For e.g.: If a spouse lies about a previous marriage, kid from a previous marriage, inability to conceive or engage in sex, hiding sexually transmitted diseases or other serious conditions, including being mentally retarded. Also, hiding current marriage, also renders the marriage null and void. Also, if one person wants to have kids, while the other does not want to, annulment of marriage is done legally.


On the other hand, divorce is legal and final separation of a marital union. However, the spouse is entitled to support, kid’s support and part of husband’s wealth. This is decided during the divorce process and when the couple do not want to continue their relationship, legal proceedings for separation and how responsibilities are to be handled, including maintaining the kid will be decided. Also, the assets are divided equally.

  Annulment vs Divorce – Divorce

Divorce takes more time and considered complicated, time consuming and hectic, while annulment of marriage is considered faster. Also, in an annulment, the court tries to restore the financial status of both. However, the spouse would not be entitled for any benefits. Annulment is an option chosen by the couple, when they wish to marry another person without any problems and also because, church allows for remarriage after annulment, than divorce.


Many couple come to a mutual agreement with divorce and the divorce process is faster that way. They decide on child support, child custody, splitting of wealth and other factors, and head to court only for the legal termination of their marriage. Basically, in a divorce, the marriage is considered valid, but terminated, while for annulment, the marriage is considered null and void from the very beginning. Even so, annulment of marriage involves rigid procedures and hence not chosen by many.

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